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Leja and its distributors offer a reticule with your first order of Leja slides which will help you set up your microscope to perform a manual count. Your local Leja distributor will supply you with the right size reticule (subject to availability, please contact your Leja distributor prior to planning any experiments or patient reviews). Stage micrometers for calibration can also be supplied by Leja (prices will vary per geographic region).

Always contact your local Leja representative about prices and help about selecting the correct size reticle. We cannot promise the delivery of your reticle of choice. We do have a large number of reticles in inventory, but may not have the correct one for your microscope. You can also always contact your microscope service agent for more details on the fitting of the reticle. The manual supplied will only work for Nikon and Olympus microscopes. Please contact your microscope service agent for help with the correct placement of the reticle when you do not use a Nikon or Olympus microscope.

Please download all necessary information below to start working with the Leja slides and the reticule.

  • Manual for fitting the reticle  [93 KB]
  • Manual for microscope calibration   [132 KB]
  • Explanation about the Segre-Silberberg effect  [114 KB]
  • Segre-Silberberg correlation table  [72 KB]
    Note: compensation for the Segre-Silberberg effect can only take place when using the laminar, 20 µm chamber depth Leja slides (SC-20-01-02-B or SC-20-01-04-B)
  • Manual sperm count method   [109 KB]
  • Article about viscosity determination  [454 KB]

Step 1: Take your eye-piece out of the tube and unscrew the small ring at the lower end of as indicated by the red eclips.

Step 2: Now meausre presicely the diameter of the eyepiece. There is a small rest where the reticle will placed on.

In the example, the inner diameter is 21.4 mm.

The thickness of the reticle for a Nikon microscope will be 1,5 mm, and for an Olympus microscope 1,0 mm.

Step 3: Carefully replace the supplied reticle in the eyepiece and replace the ring taken out in step 1.

Now you will have to calibrate your microscope
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It is necessary to calibrate your microscope. Click here for more informtaion, or click here for an on-line assistant.