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Accurate determination of the concentration and motility parameters of an ejaculate is of course very important in the porcine industry. The Leja 20 micron slides offer an excellent return on invest ratio. These slides offer an easy to use protocol to assess the semen for both concentration and motility. It is also possible to perform a morphological assay with these Leja slides.
There is no need any more to dilute the fresh ejaculate before assessing it.
Leja offers a couple of very important aspects that are crucial when working with animal sperm:

  • Defined and constant chamber depth
    Due to the well defined and constant chamber depth, your concentration measurements will be very accurate, now you loose less semen by producing too concentrated dosis. This will increase your output with an average of 10%!
  • Non-toxic
    All Leja slides are guaranteed to be non-toxic. We actually test this with boar sperm! How else would you be able to test the motility of your samples correctly?
  • Speed and accuracy
    Due to 8 chambers per slide, you will be able to process many samples per hour. This safes a lot of time without losing accuracy! Imagine what you can do with the left-over time!
  • Cost effectiveness
    By increasing the number of chambers per slide, the price per analysis drops.

In this document [80 kB, MS Excel file], you can calculate how much money you can save by changing to a CASA system with Leja slides.
We recommend Leja 20 micron slides with either 4 or 8 chambers (Catalogue-ID: SC-20-01-04-B and SC-20-01-08-B).
The Leja slides are recommended by all major CASA manufacturers.